Pressley’s 1st Year and Four Generations

When Courtney called me to do 1st year portraits of her daughter, I was really excited! Not only would it be a portrait session to celebrate Pressley’s 1st year, but we would also be photographing four generations of beautiful women! I went to San Diego and spent an afternoon with four ladies, who’s bond is quite enviable, as you can tell from the portraits! After we did Pressley’s photos at their gorgeous home in Encinitas, we went down to Tide Park to shoot the girls on the beach. Somewhere between the crazy wind, and the seagulls stealing Pressley’s snacks, we got some great shots. I had such a fun afternoon with you all! Enjoy the pics!

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One Response to Pressley’s 1st Year and Four Generations

  1. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Amanda! As always! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

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