Something Was Brewing…& It Wasn’t The Coffee!

Last Saturday, I was honored to be a part of Michele & Philip’s nuptuals in Dana Point, CA. I really like Michele & Philip – they are so in love! From the first time I met them, I could tell that they were going to be fun to work with! Well, I was right on! Michele is a fellow UCI grad – Go Anteaters! & Philip owns his own business – Trade Federation, Inc. Let me fill you in a bit….On the day that Michele and Philip met at Starbucks, something was brewing other than the coffee. Today they make a perfect blend….”blend” get it, another coffee reference. Sorry guys, I really am this dorky! Ha! Seriously though, Casey and I had a blast photographing your wedding! Your friends and family made us feel right at home! We hope that your honeymoon in Tahiti was amazing!!! Here are a few of my favorite fun shots from the day – there are so many more to come! You make a beautiful couple!!! Thank you for having us as part of your day…Enjoy!

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One Response to Something Was Brewing…& It Wasn’t The Coffee!

  1. Philip says:

    Thanks Amanda B. Still click’n my heels over this woman.

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