Fly Girl

This weekend it’s off to San Francisco to shoot Anna-Maria and Mike’s wedding in the city! SO EXCITED!!! I started my long weekend of wedding fun with a little impromptu photo shoot at LAX….yup, I’m that girl. Even the window washers got into the action…and thanks to the couple in seats 4 A & B, for the in-flight entertainment – if I ever see a car with the license plate “PMPN8EZ,” I’ll roll down my window and give you a shout out : ) I’ll leave that up to your imaginative interpretation….HA! This wedding is going to ROCK! Stay tuned for more bloggin’ thru the weekend. Peace, A

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One Response to Fly Girl

  1. Adele says:

    Looks like the weekend is off to a good start. You rock. Aren’t you proud of me for figuring out how to use your computer? All is well here. Love you, Mom.

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