Junior High School Sweethearts, Pat & Michael, are Married!

Pat & Michael were married this past weekend at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. Pat was referred to me by my friend Anastacia – Thanks so much A, you ROCK! Pat is an amazing lady! Seriously, so full of love for each person that she knows….and they know a lot of people, believe me! As I was leaving, she said that I was part of her family now, and that is a really cool thing to say! Makes me feel really great about what I do! Pat & Michael were junior high school sweethearts, in fact, they shared their first kiss with one another. Then some time passed, and they were reunited by mutual friends, and now they are married – what a cool story, right? They are such a sweet couple who deserve the best in life! Thank you to Pat & Michael for having me as part of your wedding day! I hope you enjoy your little preview…so many more pictures to come! Lots of love & see you soon, A PS: Don’t you love that hat?! It was made especially for Pat by Louise Green, the designer who makes all of the hats for the cast of Desperate Housewives. WOW!

Yup…that’s me with the giant “A” for “Amanda” – I call it “flash-dancing” and it’s my new signature move on the dance floor. I know…silly, but you have to admit, it’s kind of cool!

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