Shane & Yvonne….and Skipper, too.

This weekend I got to see my friends, Shane & Yvonne, who are getting married later this year in Kauai. They have a lot going on right now & recently bought their first home together. This is not just any home, it is an Eichler, and they have done an amazing job of restoring it. So, I figured, why not do a little engagement session in their home? What fun we had! I love photographing people in their homes. It’s their comfort zone, which means that the pics come out very natural. Even Skipper, their super lovable pup, got into the action! Then we decided to take a little bike ride around their neighborhood. You should have seen this….they were such good sports, riding around and around the block, while I shot them from out the back window of my hubbys’ Element. Pretty funny stuff! Since they live in Orange, no trip would be complete, without a jaunt down to Old Towne, where we cruised around the city center. What a cool place to live! I had a blast with you both – Enjoy the preview of what’s to come! – A

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