One Fabulous Flower Shop!

I met Cyndi Turk, the owner and creative genius behind Devynn’s Garden, while working on a wedding last year. Turns out, we’ve worked together a lot…even when we didn’t know it. I have to begin by saying that Cyndi is AMAZING! She is such a talented person, a joyful spirit, a super Mom and super wife, & not to mention, very well put together – in fact, everything she does is super stylish! She’s totally right on when it comes to visualizing what the client wants & her arrangements for weddings & parties are insanely modern and beautiful. AND, as if that wasn’t enough…she has the most gorgeous stores that you’ve ever seen! Her main store in Sunset Beach has definitely got a boutique atmosphere that invites you to stick around a while. In addition to doing fabulous designs and floral arrangements, she is now hosting clothing, handbags, & accessories for both you and your home – FAB! Every time I go in there, I don’t want to leave – I tell Cyndi that I’d just like to move in! SO, my super creative hubby Casey is doing a little ID Package for Devynn’s Garden, including a spankin’ new website, which will be launching very soon. I visited the main store last week to shoot a bit for the site. Seriously, next time you need a little gift for a friend’s birthday, or a cute dress to wear out, stop in to Cyndi’s shop – she’s got great stuff! Once the new website is launched, I’ll surely have a grand dedication on the MOD BLOG, but for now, you’ll just have to take a little drive down to Sunset Beach and stop in – you’ll certainly be glad you did!

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