Henry Is Getting Big!

Today, I got to see my little buddy, Henry, who is 7 months old. Seems like he was just born…where does the time go? He has gotten SO big! He is such a happy babe, and SO expressive! Thanks to the gorgeous Mellow Family for hanging out with me this afternoon & a HUGE thanks again for my most favorite sandwich ever!!! Gotta love Larchmont Wine & Cheese!!! xo to all – A : )

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2 Responses to Henry Is Getting Big!

  1. judi mellow says:

    Amanda, thank you for taking these fab pictures of the most amazing baby ever, Henry James. Of course, we are prejudiced and will always be!!!! We would love for you to take pics of him later this fall, for us to use in our Christmas cards. Thanks again, Grammie Mellow

  2. Adele says:

    Amanda, too cute. You definitely captured the essence of this amazing little boy. It was great to see the Mellow family today, looking forward to watching Henry grow. Love, Adele

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