Kelly, Dave, & I Cruise Santa Monica

Today was a GREAT day! I got to share my lovely morning with the beautiful Kelly and Dave, who are getting married later this year. We decided to cruise the city of Santa Monica to see what we could see. We picked a good day, because there was plenty TO see….but I understand that there is always something “carnivale-esque” going on around that city – my FAVORITE!!! A bit of background info on Kelly & Dave – first off, they are both the MOST fun! They are really in love (duh…see below), and they are both super “well-put together!” Let’s just say that they were turning some heads today! Cool fact #1: When Dave asked Kelly to marry him, she said “yes,” (duh again), and then he said “pack a bag” because we’re jetting off to Hawaii for the weekend to celebrate – ok, worlds’ coolest proposal? Um….YES! He just loves Kelly – the way he looks at her will melt your heart! Cool fact #2: Kelly is an amazingly talented interior designer, currently working with Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design in LA, and who’s projects were recently featured in one of my favorite mags, Domino. But don’t take my word for it, check out the buzz! She’s super down-to-earth, quite stylish, and is going to be really famous – I can just feel it! Cool fact #3: I feel so lucky to have spent time today with my new friends Kelly & Dave – they’re good peeps! K & D, I had a blast with you and LOVE your pics! Can’t wait to show you the whole enchilada…until then, enjoy the preview! See you soon, A : )
Gotta’ love Dance Dance Revolution!

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One Response to Kelly, Dave, & I Cruise Santa Monica

  1. Kelly says:

    We LOVE them! THANK YOU THANK YOU! We can’t wait to have you photograph our wedding Amanda, thanks again for everything, it was great. We LOVE the pics! Have a great Sunday! (btw, thanks for the mention of my up-coming FAMOUS career! I love it, thanks!)

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