VW = Vrrrrooommmmmm!

Victor and Wendy are getting married next month, so we decided it was high time to meet out in Temecula for a fast and furious engagement session. What would a day in Old Town Temecula be without Victors’ Hog? Not as fun as it was with the Hog…let me tell you! We cruised the little gold mine of photo opps, and ended up taking a little ride around the parking lot on the Harley….just a little ride, I know, the helmut-less-ness is a “no-go” when riding for real…safety first kids!

Wendy is one of my most favorite ladies on the planet! She is such a cool gal, always down for a good time, and seriously SO talented! She does hair & make-up for a lot of my shoots, I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about her before, and I love working with her! She’s my #1 pick if you want to look gorgeous for your close up! Oh, and you should see her commercial work too – yum! Victor is the nicest guy and they make such a cool couple! He’s always happy, makes you feel immediately welcome, & I love the way he looks at Wendy. I remember Wendy telling me about Victor when they first met, and how excited she was about him. I knew that he was the “one” for her & now I’m SO excited to be able to photograph their wedding day! I’m STOKED guys!!!! I had a blast doing these photos with you – Enjoy! L, A


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2 Responses to VW = Vrrrrooommmmmm!

  1. Adele says:

    Hey Wendy and Victor:

    You guys are too cool, not to mention beautiful and handsome, and so much in love. Amanda really captured it all. Best wishes and good luck.



  2. wendy says:

    Adele, Thank you so much we had a great time! Amanda is a very talented girl she made us look so good we couldn’t believe it!! Hope to see you soon.


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