Appreciation for the “Small Things”

So, rarely do I just write to tell you something….but today I want to mention a couple things that I appreciated yesterday. I know that this is random, but here goes.

I’m busy. We all are. But sometimes we have days where we get to enjoy 1 or maybe 2 “small things” that before our lives got so busy, we would not have appreciated as much.

First thing: Driving back from meetings I got to listen to an entire show on NPR (National Public Radio). The babe asleep in his car seat, afforded me a little time to drive aimlessly while I got some serious “ear service” from Rhea Pearlman, who read the short story “Goodbye and Good Luck” penned by writer and social activist, Grace Paley, who passed away earlier this year. It was wonderful! Just a little uninterrupted cultural experience that I am thankful for : )

Next thing: Having dinner with my family at our friend Leslie’s house. Leslie prepared an awesome Indian dinner, which we ate outside in her fabulous backyard (& by the way it is perfect for entertaining – complete with lots of little globe lights)….which I love! She inspires me to make my backyard into something equally as grand! Oh my, the best part was relaxing on a blanket in the grass with my son, and her daughter, Lila! We just looked up at the stars and talked about stuff…really important stuff like cats on the fence, squirrels in the trees, and the fact that long division is completely useless… when’s the last time you did that? I loved it!!!! Casey, Ben, and I send a BIG “thank you” to Leslie, Lila and Claire for making our evening so relaxing! It’s more appreciated than you know!

In reality, there are many “small things” that happen each day, which make me smile…but these were a couple that I really thought were nice. Maybe I’ll mention more “small things” on the MOD BLOG. It’s always fun to remember the “small things.” After all, those are the moments that we live for, right?

To all my friends and loyal readers – Have an amazingly-wonderful day filled with “small things.” Cheers, A

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