Jessica Is Glowing & The Belly Is Growing!

This weekend I got to photograph Jessica, who is pregnant with her second babe, and looking RADIANT!!! Jessica and I met at “My Gym” when our babes were very small & she is the one who invited me to join the Glass Slipper Guild. Jessica is a super amazing Mom and she is going to be a “doubly-super” Mom in about a month and a half. Doesn’t she look amazing?!

We started at her home with her daughter Bella, who is ADORABLE and loved taking pictures with Mommy & the belly….well, she had to warm up to the idea, but after promises of playing football afterwards with Daddy, she was game! Too cute!!! Afterwards, we headed down to the beach for some fabulous light and more beautiful photos. Jessica is a natural & she did a wonderful job in front of the camera – even with all the people standing around watching us shoot! What a fun afternoon!

Jessica, thank you for having me do these photos for you! I think you look absolutely phenomenal & I can’t wait to meet baby Sophia! I’m so excited to show you the rest of the photos, but enjoy a little preview of a few of my faves! See you soon, A : ) PS: Thank you for the flowers by the way! They are GORGEOUS!!!! What a nice little surprise this afternoon – you are SO thoughtful!

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