Shawna & Jason Are Getting Married – Yipee!!!

This week I got to see my good “old” friend Jason (old = we’ve been friends since I was a bartender) & his fiancee Shawna, for a fun little engagement session down at the beach. Jason moved to Oklahoma a couple of years ago, and it’s a good thing that he did, because there, he met Shawna. Shawna is GORGEOUS and so SWEET!!!! Seriously J, you done good! When I met them, she gave me a BIG hug and I knew that they were the perfect match…and she just “got” my obsession with feet & let me go with it…my kind of girl! (little inside joke : )

You can tell that people are in love by the way that they look at each other, when the other is not looking back…(does that make sense?) You’ve seen it…well, they’ve got it! Shawna is so cute – she was so excited to see the beach – she was like a kid in a candy store. We had a lot of fun doing these photos. I had a blast watching them interact – I love when people are in love.

Shawna, it is so nice to know you & I think you are fabulous for Jason. Jason, it was great to see you (and Mary too) – I really miss seeing you every week! Thank you both for having me do these photos for you!!! I love that you are getting married & I am really excited to be a little part of it!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend in Cali & I look forward to making a trip to visit you both soon!!!
We wondered if the driver would just drive away with them on board….
Crazy kids…they wanted to chase seagulls off of the sand…another “first” for Shawna : )

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