Melina & Jack in Pasadena

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I apologize to all of my lovely clients who are anxiously awaiting their blog entry….first of those couples being Melina & Jack. I LOVE MELINA & JACK! Talk about an amazing couple – such a vibe between these two! I was excited to meet Jack because during our initial meeting, Melina just gushed about him! (I love that : ) ….And she is right! What a cool guy! Melina and I instantly hit it off when we first met & I am so excited that we did! Melina is one of the most expressive, sincere, sensitive, and gorgeous girls I know! She is an actor, and I just have to give her props for her performance on CSI NY last week…which I missed because I was out of town….and I’m so bummed that I did! (Melina, I need to get a copy of the show from you! I’m SO excited to see you in action!) I’m sure you rocked!!!

Anywho…we started our fun early morning engagement session in downtown Pasadena, a place that I haven’t visited for years, but will definitely go back to more often! What a great little section of the universe – awesome texture, color and history. I loved the vibe. Then we took a jaunt over to the Norton Simon Museum to have a little culture before lunch, soak in the lush garden experience, and fend off the security guards who watched us like HAWKS! I don’t know about you, but in a museum, when it’s really quiet, and all I can hear is the tapping of my heels on the floor, I have this overwhelming urge to just yell something completely inappropriate at the top o’ my lungs. FUN STUFF. For Mel & Jack’s sake, I refrained, but we all discussed some interesting feather ruffling strategies….which I would sincerely advise against doing. No really, all of the guards were great, and they allowed us to shoot freely…but it’s a good thing Mel and Jack aren’t shy, because all eyes were on us!

Melina & Jack, it was a great morning & I’m so glad that we did the session where we did. I think it made for some amazing photographs & of course, I loved hanging with you both! Can’t wait ’til the wedding! L, A

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2 Responses to Melina & Jack in Pasadena

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  2. Deirdre Davis says:

    I’d have to agree with all Amanda had to say about the day and the amazing pics. It was so much fun. I am so glad I was a part of the celebration of the very special love that Jack and Melina share.

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