Lauren & Jorge in Laguna Beach

I am so excited that a couple of weeks ago, I finally got to do my engagement with Lauren & Jorge! These two are amazing people! First off, they are both doctors, so they are super smart & talented….but as if that weren’t enough…these two are GORGEOUS, SEXY, HOT – their chemistry is AMAZING! It’s seriously fun to hang out with them, because you feed off of their energy. Watching them interact is seriously quite awesome – and inspiring! This is what love should look like.

We met in Laguna Beach, and decided to stop in to a local hot spot for a little cocktail to loosen the goose…There, I heard the story of how they met, (which is quite awesome) it actually gave me goosebumps to hear Lauren tell how she felt when Jorge showed up with white flowers…I don’t want to share too many details, since it’s their story, but I will say, that it was one of those stories that makes you feel like they were one anothers’ destiny. AAAWWWWW! I know, on more than one occasion that afternoon, I had tears in my eyes…after hearing stories from their medical experiences, after falling prey to the sandstorm, but mostly after laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. These two are funny! I think that I must mention here, that if I weren’t a photographer, I would be an OBGYN…Lauren is an OB, and seriously, after having my son, I wanted nothing more than to experience that joy and newness of life every second of the day! She is really lucky!

So, without further ramblings…I give you a sneak peek of Lauren & Jorge’s beach city engagement session. I will say this, we ended up in HB on the windiest day of the year…as we drove up the coast, we all had to pick our jaws up off the floor, as we saw tumble weeds crossing PCH. WOW…but they braved the Mach3 winds for the camera. Troopers, I tell ya! Enjoy the mayhem! I can’t wait to see you both soon! L, A
This is the “goose-loosening” I was talking about – pretty funny stuff! I love Lauren’s expression in the bottom right above!
Yes…the goose was definitely loosened : ) These two did great in front of the camera!
See…aren’t they gorgeous?!
Only in Laguna Beach can you find 18 carat gold fire plugs….
Here comes the wind storm I was talking about…
How funny is this…these kids were doing gymnastics on the beach & just HAD to run over to see Lauren’s bling!

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