Erin & Edgar’s Day in San Juan Capistrano

A couple weeks ago, I got to do a fun-filled engagement session with Erin and Edgar, at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. What an awesome location to do these photos!!! I love the Mission. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my familys’ favorite locations to do our family portraits. With lots of texture and rich colors, it’s the perfect place to give you a wide variety of photo opps. And it only takes a small & kind donation to the Mission, for anyone to shoot their photos inside – how cool is that?!

Erin and Edgar are two amazing people! I just love their spirit and zest for life! They are outdoors people with BIG plans. They look at each other with such pure love & they have a very peaceful way about them. They instantly warmed up in front of the camera, and made my job a snap! Then after we cruised the Mission, we headed down to the train tracks for a few more FUN shots. Erin & Edgar brought their bikes so we could take a little ride around SJC – too FUN!!! I just had a blast with these two. Erin and Edgar, thank you for asking me to be your photographer, for doing “one more take” just “a couple more times”, and for making our time together so much fun!!! I really love you both and am stoked to be a part of your wedding!!! Enjoy the little preview & we’ll chat soon! – A
Yes, flying thru the air….one of my favorite things to encourage! I love that Edgar missed his “mark” and launched a little late on this shot above, because to me….it’s perfect!
And last, but certainly not least…..the train pic! I love this one…we even got a special hat for this moment, however, that hat would not stay put on Erins’ head…so I chose to include “other” interesting elements in the shot (ie: lady walking thru). Don’t worry E&E, there are other shots without that lady too : )

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