An Afternoon With Cat & Rich….and Hunny too!

I have to begin by thanking Catherine & Rich for their patience with me….this blog entry is long over due! A couple of weeks ago I got to spend my afternoon with Cat & Rich taking photos around my favorite city – HB baby! These two are getting married next year, so it was high time that we got their engagement session photos done….just in time for their holiday cards : )

We met up at the cliffs and wandered down to dog beach, where the happy couple ran around on the beach with their lovely pup, Hunny! I just love it when people include their furry family members in the photos. Dogs are the best (I’m a doggie person : ) and Hunny is one of the most personable & loving puppies I’ve worked with to date. Hunny was a gift from Rich to Cat a couple of years ago, so it seemed quite appropriate that she be a part of the photos. Oh, and it always helps to break the ice. I find that people feel at ease when they are doing “something” in front of the camera, rather than just posing…so we thought dog beach would be a great place to start. It was : ) I love dog beach & Hunny does too it seems – she made lots of new friends on the sand, but kept close to Cat & Rich (she knew that they were there for a purpose that day, so she even got a mani / pedi for the occasion) – too cute! My dog is a boy so he doesn’t get the special treatments when he goes to the salon….I think I’ll suggest a little clear glossy finish next time he goes in. Hey, he’s metro : )

After we played on the beach, we did a quick clothing change in the trunk of Cat’s car, and headed out in search of great spots to get lost in HB. We cruised the city center, stopping here and there for some pics. Along the way, I heard the story of how Rich proposed to Cat. Well, I’d heard the story before, but this time they mentioned that the whole proposal had taken place on TV! WOW! Rich was recently on a show called The Academy, and while they were taping for the show, he just happened to propose to Catherine. Fun huh?! You’ll have to check out the proposal episode…I know I will! I also have to say that I love the way that Rich makes Catherine laugh – they are really in tune with one another, which makes my job extra fun!

So, as our afternoon drew to a close, we headed down to HB Pier, a beautiful place to watch the sunset. We had a romantic time together…yes, all 3 of us. Oh, I mean 4, we were joined all afternoon by Dave, Cat & Richs’ friend & “dog handler” – Thanks Dave for helping out….and for taking those strange pics that I suggested (ha ha) – you’re the best : ) Cat & Rich, I’m really excited to be a part of your wedding day – you are an amazing couple! I hope you are enjoying the photos & each other : ) L, A

If you look really close at the image in the bottom right corner above, you’ll see that Hunny is rockin’ the hot pink nail polish – a girl after my own heart!

How funny is this series above???? I gave this guy a little cashola to play a song on his guitar & harmonica combo, just for Cat & Rich to dance to – I think it was “here comes the bride” Hilarious!!!

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2 Responses to An Afternoon With Cat & Rich….and Hunny too!

  1. Molly and Mike says:

    Amanda, i love this couple they are so cute and that honey is cute too! BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

  2. Cat, Rich & Hunny too! says:

    Amanda!!! Thank you! Rich and I had so much fun! Everyone loves the pictures. You are the BEST!!!

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