Avery & Pop Pop in NYC!

I just wanted to mention something really special – Molly and Mike were married earlier this year in Turks & Caicos, and their niece Avery is famous! Check out Avery on the big screen in Times Square NYC with her Pop Pop playing the harmonica! She had a wonderful opportunity to be featured in the National Down Syndrome Society 2007 Times Square Video. You can check out the video online at the National Down Syndrom Society website, and be sure to read more about this wonderful organization. She’s an amazing little girl, who made our trip with Molly & Mike super special & I’m so proud of her! Avery…you ROCK! We’re so excited for your debut on the big screen! Enjoy the fame!!! Love, Amanda & Casey

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2 Responses to Avery & Pop Pop in NYC!

  1. Molly and Mike says:

    Thanks Amanda!! We love that Avery made Da Blog!!!

  2. Lisa - Avery's mom says:

    Thank you so much for including this on your website! How special of you… we absolutely love all of your wonderful photos…

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