Kristi & Ali ROCK Angels Stadium!

I have to thank Krsiti & Ali for their patience…this blog entry is long overdue! A few weeks ago I got a very special opportunity to do the “1st half” of Kristi & Ali’s engagement session at the Angels Stadium, and this opportunity did NOT disappoint! We arrived for what we thought would be a few quick pics, and were treated royally by Manny Almaraz, the Event Manager, for Angels Baseball. Let me just take a minute to send Manny an extra HUGE “thank you” for giving us all the VIP treatment, and for making our experience at the stadium, one that we will remember always! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (from all of us : )

Kristi & Ali are two of the coolest people I know! They arrived, escorted by Kristi’s sis, Danielle, and Ali’s bro, Iraj, and this entourage truly made the day a blast! Ali and Kristi warmed up in front of the camera quickly and made my “job” (if you can call it a ‘job’ = we had too much fun to call it a ‘job’) a complete FUN FEST! They are truly in love, and it shows. I love the way they connect – their love is pure. Not once did they share anything but kind looks & gestures with one another. They kissed every time I asked them too…and sometimes didn’t stop – Yipee : ) But most importantly, they were up for anything that I asked them to do! I LOVE THAT!…and yes…those are urinals below. Ha!

We cruised the stadium and saw amazing things – being tremendous Angels fans, this group (myself included) walked around in awe of the sights. What a treat to have the entire stadium all to ourselves! Too cool! We all ran out on the field and had to lay down in the grass…just to see what it felt like. I know, it sounds funny, but you would too…Our day was filled with many surprises, which will make our trip to Angels stadium one to remember for a lifetime! We wrapped our amazing journey by taking a few photos by Kristi & Ali’s brick, which is laid outside of Home Plate, and honors their wedding day: July 4, 2008. How cool is that?!!!

Kristi & Ali, thank you so much for asking me to join you on your wedding journey! You know I love ya! Thanks to Danielle and Iraj for helping to make the day so much fun! Another big thanks to Manny….just because! I’m really looking forward to “part deux” of your engagement session. Enjoy the slice & each other! Talk soon, A

How cute are those jerseys? They are labeled on the back with their wedding date!

Yes, that’s Ali above laying on the grass…see, I told you! And Iraj was sure to record everything with his camera phone!

Yup…urinals! What would an engagement session be without urinals?! Ha! : )

Aren’t they adorable? I LOVE these two!!!

Ali in the air above…yup, nailed it on the first take! Love that!

Ali caught the ball before it went over the fence…he saved the game, and the crowd went WILD!!!

The happy foursome above : )

These girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! They love each other & I love that!

This “A” above is the one you see on TV when the team runs out onto the field!

See those feet below K&A in flight? Yup…me…laying on the ground. I told you..any excuse to roll in the Angels grass!

Just a fun idea above – thanks Manny!

And of course, Moi! Self-portrait hound…the group was definitely making fun of me! : ) But, how could I be on the field and not record it???

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