Wayne Is Crowned “King Of The Chicken Liver Daiquiris”

I’m so lucky to have been a part of a super HUGE and FUN birthday a few weeks ago! Wayne LeFors, my friend Nikki’s Dad, had a ROCKIN’ birthday to celebrate the BIG 7-0! First off, I can’t say much more about Wayne, other than he’s AWESOME! Seriously, this man is truly amazing! He’s super generous and kind, but above that, I wish that I’d grown up with him! He’s a riot and always the life of the party! I’m sure that after the roast, I’ve got a few more ideas tucked away in my reserve of “things to do that will really get you into trouble” : ) good trouble that is.. Ha! Wayne is truly loved by many, as was evident at his party, but not more, than by his very adoring family. His wife and daughters think the world of him, and his son-in-laws and grandchildren are right there with them! I left this party with a warm fuzzy feeling….no, not from the wine : ), but seriously, from seeing a family who shares so much love, celebrate the man who has inspired them all. What a gift that was! Thanks to the LeFors family for asking me to be a part of this very special celebration – Cheers to Wayne! Love, A
PS: Before the party we snapped a few family photos for their holiday cards in the LeFors family’s beautiful back yard. Enjoy!

Above is the newest addition to the family – Travis!

Nikki & Monique put together a quiz on the cocktail napkins: “How well do you know Wayne?” It was hilarious…seriously. Hilarious!

These pics are taken during the roast – everyone gave Wayne such a hard time, but we learned so much about him! Funny stuff : )

The photo above is of Wayne accepting his new official title “King of the Chicken Liver Daiquiris” – don’t ask…just drink it! : ) Go Wayne!

These last pics are of Mo’s Hubby’s Brother dressed like Wayne at the club. Short shorts anyone? I loved this…Wayne was hysterical over this! The party was a BLAST!!!

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2 Responses to Wayne Is Crowned “King Of The Chicken Liver Daiquiris”

  1. Monique says:

    We just saw this, Amanda. My Dad read it and was so touched by all your comments. Pics are amazing. You are so talented. thanks

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