Lunch & Photos With Dear Friends

Today I got to see my very dear friends – Cynthia, Chris, and Henry, for lunch and a quick photo shoot. Henry is turning 1 in a couple of weeks and it’s also holiday time, so we thought we’d shoot for both of these great occasions, and have my favorite sandies from Larchmont Wine & Cheese…YUM!

Henry is such an expressive little man, and I just love his BIG eyes! C & C aren’t so bad themselves – Cynthia looks amazing after just having Henry 1 year ago…I’m still working on shedding the ‘baby weight’ – at least that’s what I tell myself : )

I just love taking pics of Henry because he really likes being photographed. He’s really curious about the camera and my shoes….go figure?! Here’s a little slice of our quick session today. Enjoy! L, A

Ben had to test out all of Henry’s toys – especially the ones you can ride on! Thanks to Henry for sharing!

See…Loved my shoes! Must be the animal print : ) Kids dig that!

Henry is rooting for SC!

Love these last couple of the family! They are really a beautiful bunch!!! Love you guys! : )

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One Response to Lunch & Photos With Dear Friends

  1. Mrs. Cake says:

    That kid is adorable! And As I was reading the blog I was thinking…”Amanda looks as though she’s lost weight.” then I read this entry. You have clearly shed the “Baby” weight girlfriend.

    I’m just trying to lose some newly married weight before the baby weight begins!

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