The Burnham-Stern Family At Home

A few months ago, I photographed Kelly and Dave’s gorgeous wedding….well, Kelly is an interior designer who works for the amazingly stylish and talented Betsy Burnham. After the wedding, Betsy asked me to come up to their home in Hancock Park to photograph her family. OF COURSE I WILL!!!! Betsy has been photographed for many-a-magazine so the pressure was on to do something beautiful with the family for sure! What an awesome day we had! First off, the family is stunning! Very chic and very cool! They are so gracious, and instantly made me feel at home. Their home is amazing as well! I’ve always been interested in design, especially interiors…I’m in awe of those who know what they are doing when it comes to space planning and designing for life. From the time I was a kid, and would visit a new friends house, & my first question would be: “will you show me your room?” I loved looking at people’s stuff…mostly how they live, and what they surround themselves with. You can tell a lot about a person by visiting the places where they eat, sleep, and make themselves cozy.

Anyway, the Burnham-Stern Family has a collection of art that will blow your mind! Such crazy big photos, super over the top color (which I love, and tend to gravitate towards myself), and as Betsy gave me the tour, I was in awe of every detail – it’s phenominal! All of her interiors are phenominal, but to live in a “Betsy Burnham” original – AWESOME! I was like a kid in a candy store….I’m serious. If they would have let me stay all day, I would have….”now, can we shoot in this room?” “Now, can we shoot in this room?” You get the picture! I will have to say that I think one of my favorite parts of the day, was jumping on the trampoline out back with Will! At one point, everyone disappeared, and I was the only one out there jumping…”um….what is the photographer doing?”….yes, I just have a tendency to “move right in” – but many thanks to Will for showing me how it’s done! Brings back lots of memories from my childhood…however, when I got off the trampoline, it took me a while to get my “land legs” again : ) FUN!

Betsy, Mark, Carson, and Will, you are all so kind & I enjoyed my time with you immensely! Thank you for allowing me to come into your home and photograph you being you. Enjoy a little slice! L, A

I love this image above…it’s arguably out of focus…or at least the people in it are (sort of) but I wanted it that way, deliberately shot high-speed for grain, and I wanted the subjects to appear kind of lost in the hallway…it looks like an old record cover…or something like that. Contemplative…I wonder what it would look like BIG? This wall paper in her upstairs hallway is insane! I LOVE IT!

Above Will is mid-jump and I am down below trying not to get landed on!

So, Betsy and I thought it would be fun to put some funky furnishings on the back lawn. Just something a little different – and very fun! Betsy loves animal prints, as do I, so I was really into all of her cool things to lounge on : )

Betsy shows up with these cool hats for them to wear – too funny!

I loved that painting behind Betsy…

I couldn’t decide which photo that I liked best here of Carson (she’s flawless), so I put them both up…cool lighting and I like the vibe.

Like Mother…Like Daughter – These girls are really gorgeous!

Mark is a great Dad! I love how he is holding onto Will – their expressions are similar, and it’s just a really cool moment between Father and Son.
Below, Anna takes Nina (left) and Lola (right) out for a stroll. I love Chihuahuas…you know I love my Chico, and seeing these two together made me want to get Cheeks a little pal : )

Will is ROCKIN’ that drum set!

I love this last shot of Betsy below – I think she looks so relaxed and beautiful!

Yes…I’m the biggest dork you’ll ever meet. Couldn’t bounce on this thing and not get a picture of myself to prove I did it! Did I say “a” picture…pardon me “two” pictures. The one above is taken mid-jump, the one below, mid-“sit” – it’s an advanced trampoline move : )

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2 Responses to The Burnham-Stern Family At Home

  1. Adele says:

    Wow! Dynamic family, superb photos. What a knack you have for capturing such explicit moments.

  2. wendy says:

    I just love when you take pictures of yourself!!!
    What a FAB house!!!
    I LOVE the Wallpaper!!! And the back yard!!

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