The Moak Family & Their Newest Addition: Baby Gianna

I have the most amazing friends, and two of whom I truly admire, are Leah and Greg Moak. They recently celebrated the birth of their second babe, Gianna, and have the most beautiful family! I got to spend a morning this week with them at their home and then at the beach, where we enjoyed the huge waves (really, they were…the photos don’t do them justice), and playing in the sand. I love that Greg and Leah have grown their family and I love watching them interact. They are really in love and make the best parents. It’s fun to watch friends with their children…to know them as great friends for so long, and then see them become such amazing parents, is really quite awesome. I love seeing the progression from marriage, to the birth of a couples’ first baby, to the expansion of the family circus…it’s really something! Makes me want to grow my own family…hmmm. Nope, no announcements yet, but maybe some day : )
Greg, Leah, Mason and Gianna, thank you for allowing me to spend the morning with you! I am truly inspired by the love you all share and the family that you have created! Love you, A

The series below was too funny to exclude! Each did such a great job with the assignment…definitely worthy of their own 4-square showcase!

How funny is Mason with the bandana on his head – he’s so adorable! Oh, and that’s “Ah-Ah” in his arms. (Prounounce it as if a monkey were screaming “ooohhhhaaaaahhhhaaaahhh”) Later he serenaded “Ah-Ah” with his guitar…priceless!

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