Sleepless In Seattle…

A few weeks ago, our little Bevington family finally got away for some much needed and well-deserved time off. Each year around Thanksgiving, we have made it a family tradition to take a trip to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. This year, we decided to visit Seattle, and our friends Kathy, Art & Ollie, who recently moved back there after a brief 3 year stint in So Cal. Seattle is a BLAST! I fell in love with the city, looked at real estate, and am planning to expand my wedding and portrait business to the Pacific North West, so look for those good things in the future!We got to do all the touristy things that Seattle has to offer, and to spend some real quality time with our friends. What a great week it was! We slept ok, but traveling with a 2 year old now means that we ALL share a bed – so between one of us waking up every couple hours with a foot in our face, we did manage to get a little sleep. Check out a quick portriat session with Kathy, Art, and Ollie. What a beautiful place to shoot! A beautiful place to visit, and maybe someday, a beautiful place to have a little flat to call our second home. Hey, a girl can dream! : )

Ollie is one happy babe!

See…there are definitely seasons in Seattle….something that we lack a little of here in So Cal. This is a little slice of Fall off of the tree in Kathy’s back yard.

We visited a beautiful park down by the water for these shots. It was seriously like 40 degrees….a little chilly for pictures, but beautiful just the same!

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2 Responses to Sleepless In Seattle…

  1. Bean says:

    You are too sweet! It was too much fun to have you all here and I seriously can’t wait for you to come back. I’m still waiting for my real estate assignment! Hey, where’s the leaves pics with Ben? We love you guys!

  2. Mrs. Cake says:

    Seattle IS fantastic. I lived there for a short couple of years (went to beauty school…ha!) It’s about the only place the Cake and I can agree about when we discuss the possibility of moving!

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