The Huggins Family Reunion

This holiday season I got to spend some time with the Huggins family, and their extended family, as they joined together for a family reunion at the beach house in Newport. What FUN! When Melissa called me to do these portraits for her, I was super excited because I just LOVE family reunions! Everyone flew in from all over the country, and I’m very honored that they chose me to document this special family gathering. What a fun and talented group! They were up for anything – Love that…even a little “Jayhawk ballet” at the end of the shoot – too fun!!! It was a little chilly down at the beach, but they did a great job running around and keeping warm with me : ) Melissa, thank you for allowing me to join you for a very fun afternoon, and to the entire family, thank you for sharing your love for one another, with me! You are a very inspiring group!!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday & Happy New Year to you all! GO JAYHAWKS!!! See you soon! – A

I love the way that Melissa’s parents are looking at one another above…very sweet : )

Just look at these two…VERY in love!

I love the way the family interacted…I especially love the photo of Melissa, Harley, and the girls below..being a Mama, I totally appreciate the way that they are hugging their babies – like they never want to let go! It makes me smile : )

Melissa and her Mom above – such a cool moment! My Mom is my best friend, so I love to see other women who share that bond!

The girls:

A little ballet on the beach perhaps?

My instruction for the guys above was something like….”be manly” I love their interpretation!

And last, but certainly not least…the dancing Jayhawks! Taaaddaaaaa! So FUN!

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