A Stroll Thru Central Park With Stacy, Todd & Gracie

Yesterday, Casey and I got to spend the afternoon photographing two of the kindest, most amazing people, Stacy and Todd, and of course, Gracie, their super sweet pup! We decided to take a trek thru Central Park in HB to see what we could see. What an afternoon! Everything was PERFECT! Perfect weather, perfect location, and a perfect pair…so in love, and centered in their love for one another. They are very open, the kind of people who instantly make you feel welcome, and they are REAL. That is a very special thing! I appreciate that sincerely! All of the stars aligned for what was a much needed afternoon in nature celebrating the engagement of an awesome couple. It really enabled me to clear my head and focus on some fun stuff! Thanks to Stacy and Todd for being you! I really think you are wonderful and thank you for trusting me, and allowing me to be in your lives. I think that we’ve bonded tremendously in the short time we’ve known eachother, and I feel so lucky to have you as friends!

I’m always amazed when I go out to shoot in HB – my city has so many tiny gems. This location that we used was up next to the horse stables that I grew up riding at, and you’d think I would have used it before…nope, maiden voyage. It was FAB! Stacy is quite a trooper – I brought some new “wellies” for her to wear, because she always has the cutest shoes on, and I knew that I’d be dragging them thru the mud. I didn’t want her to ruin her shoes, & needless to say, the boots were a great fit! Stacy was a model, before she became an attorney & my favorite yogi, (she’s got it ALL!), and she was very sweet to take a second to indulge my need for a few “fashionista shots” at the top of the hill (see below). I LOVED IT! Thanks Stac! Todd is quite the model himself, and the two of them together…SMOKIN’ HOT! Their pup Gracie completed the trio, and made the pictures perfect!

Todd, Stacy and Gracie: Thanks for hanging with Casey and I all afternoon! We really had a blast and hope that you enjoy your little preview. More to come very soon! Enjoy each other! Love, A

A quick shot above that Casey took of me taking photos…I just wanted to throw it in the mix to show how we like to roll : )

This pair is GORGEOUS!

Having so much fun hanging off the fence – see how natural they were in front of the camera? They did a GREAT job!!! It definitely shows in the photos : )

I love this series above – very sweet how their bodies are relating to one another. Youthful, fresh, & kind of flirty…and that environment – amazing!

Ok, how hot are they? This photo below could be one of my faves!

Here’s the little fashionista break I was telling you about….I LOVE THESE!

I especially love this one below…not an easy move!

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