Candice & Ian At Home In Huntington Harbour

Last week I got to spend an afternoon at home with Candice and Ian. The happy (and gorgeous) couple are getting married in July of this year in Newport Beach. Candice and Ian are a very sweet pair. I’ve known Candice since I moved back to CA from Colorado, when I was 9 years old. Her older sister, Cynthia, was one of my first & best friends here in HB. We grew up together, and it’s amazing to see Candice all grown up….I know, I sound old. But, she has become one of the most beautiful women I know – both inside and out. She is a very kind and accepting person. She also has a very “Zen” way about her. Very calming and peaceful. A very cool lady indeed! Now, Ian, he’s not too shabby himself. What a gentleman! WOW – seriously! She scored! He absolutely adores her, and I love to see them interact. I’m so pleased that Candice found someone very special to share her life with. What a gift that is! Together they make one sexy couple too – don’t you think? I’m really excited about the wedding – not only because I get to document it, but because I get to see someone who is like a little sister to me for so many years, marry the man of her dreams. How cool is that? Very! Enjoy the little preview..I love them, and I hope that you will too. Love, A

How cute is this piano series? They are really talented ; )

See….Sexy! I love the light in these next few shots!

Candice is my model! I love the one above – may have to use it on the new site…shhhh!

Who’s channeling Farrah Fawcett? I LOVE HER HAIR!

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