Olivia’s First Photo Shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging with the most adorable Miss Olivia! It was Olivia’s first photo shoot, and she was defintely ready for her close-up! Olivia ROCKS! From the moment I arrived at their home, Olivia was super into the camera and was totally “on.” How fun! Olivia’s Mama, Laura, and Daddy, F.J., are SO cool! Totally welcoming and open – the kind of people who make you feel as if you’ve known them for years! LOVE THAT! They are the most loving parents, and have so much talent and love for life to share with Miss Olivia! Together they make one amazing family! I love to spend time with new parents and to watch them interact with their baby, and one another. When I shoot a session like this, I never try to manipulate the situation, I just like to take pictures of my subjects at home, doing what they do…and the result is amazing. So natural and cool! It is such a special time, the first year and a half….time to figure out the new roles, and adapt on a daily basis to new schedules, likes and dislikes, and generally a whole new world. I know ours was flipped upside down when Ben (our Son) came along…but when you’re “in it” you never quite see beyond the next feeding, potential disaster, or trip to Target. So, to be able to slow down for an afternoon and have someone (Me) document your life, must really be something….looking back at these photos, I wish that I had had someone do the same for us at about 1 year. Of course we have thousands of photos that we’ve taken together, but never like this…I’m always so intrigued with the photos that come of these types of sessions. They are filled with wild times, where baby is screaming, or not interested in eating, or maybe you get a very sweet moment between Mama and Baby, that without me there, you would otherwise not have to look back on, or necessarily be able to “see.” It is a very interesting dynamic that occurs as well. I never know what I’ll get when I photograph babies…they are all so different. But, on this day, Olivia let me into her world to record “a day in the life” and I hope that Laura and F.J. are happy that she did. I think that the photos are amazing, and hope that they agree! Laura, F.J. and Olivia, you have a beautiful family! Congratulations and may you enjoy every moment of your lives together to the fullest! Can’t wait to hit the flea markets with you soon! Love, A

Love this shot above of Olivia and Laura – Too cute!

This one above makes me melt – how sweet is Olivia holding Laura’s finger. I love the quiet time spent feeding baby…it is one of my favorite memories with my Son. To see another Mama and babe share that bond is quite something. It’s priceless and so special.

Olivia is VERY busy!

She is going to be a stellar golfer…just like Dad, F.J.

What a beautiful family! Love the light in this one above. The light was just setting over the hill, and then bouncing off their house to give it the appearance of using lighting….nope, no fancy lights here, just great placement! Oh, and a little help from nature : )

This was so sweet at the piano. Laura is very talented, and together they were playing “Rubber Duckie.” Olivia loves music!

This is a cute series above…Love the one of Olivia with her hands clasped together, waiting for the tower to be built. We have these blocks too, and believe me when I say they provide hours of entertainment! Too fun!

Love the last one below, the way Olivia is turning her head. This was one of the last shots of the day, and she’s still totally into the shoot – What a trooper! Love it! : )

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