Yoga For Your Mini Anyone?

I just happened upon the coolest company called Mini Yogis, headed up by Shana Meyerson, who sounds just fabulous in all of the email we’ve exchanged! My Son and I do yoga together every day (he’s rad at it and always loves to practice together) and so I thought he may like to do classes with his friends. Well, seems like there’s lots of interest from my inner circle, and because it’s such a cool concept, I thought I’d share about it on the MOD BLOG. I’m getting my Mini Yogi group together so if you and your little yogi want to join in, drop me an email & let’s get connected! Yoga has been such a great part of my life, allowing me to find my center, a peaceful mind, and to work on my fitness as well. Life is stressful, even for the little ones, and I think that this program is a great way to bond with your babes and practice a little yoga together! Sounds fun to me! Be sure to check out the link to Shana’s site, and one thought for the day (which I found on the tab of my Yogi Tea bag (the “Breathe Deep” variety) this morning, “Kindness is the only tool you need” : ) Have a beautiful day! – A

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