Rick & Janet Are Getting Married!

Recently I got to spend time with the adorale Janet & Rick in San Juan Capistrano for a little engagement extravaganza! First off, let me just tell you how AWESOME this couple is! They are totally in love and super fun to photograph! Always happy and up for anything (Thanks Rick for that dancing series!!! ; ) We had a blast cruising around the Mission in SJC, always a gorgeous backdrop for some photos, and everything is in bloom!!!! It’s very colorful there right now! Afterwards we headed down to the town jail and petting zoo (sounds weird….I know, but the two locations are exclusive of one another, hey, it’s all good ; ) After a brief stint behind bars, we visited an Emu with a lot of personality. Our visit to SJC turned out to be a beautiful morning! I just have to mention again, how much fun I had with Rick and Janet! Thanks for making the photo session so RAD! I can’t wait ’till the wedding!!! Oh, and I must share that I got the best email from Janet later that day, saying how they had such a great day after the session (brunch, Laguna and a walk at the beach) – doesn’t that sound great!!!!???? See, take your engagement session day, and make it a special day with your honey! I think that sounds like the perfect idea! Rick & Janet, I hope you enjoy the preview! Can’t wait to share the rest of the photos! : ) A

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