Matt & Marci Rock Da’ House!

First let me begin by saying that I could sit here and blog this wedding forever….There are just TOO MANY AWESOME PHOTOS TO CHOOSE FROM!!! That’s a good thing : ) But, to avoid making myself crazy, I had to stop and only decide on around 40…yikes! I can’t find the right words to express who Marci and Matt are….except for that they were one of my MOST fun couples EVER! They are AMAZING! Their personalities are so dynamic & I got to see each part of who they are thru the entire day. I laughed with them (boy did I laugh!), I cried with them…during very touching speeches, and moments thru the day. Hmm…emotional much? I just felt how loving this group was, how close each family is, and how their marriage really brought so many people closer together. I love that! Ok, back to the laughing – Marci seriously had me in stitches ALL day! She’s the most outgoing girl! She’s honest and funny and genuine. She ROCKS! Matt is a little more on the quiet side, at least in front of the camera ; ) but I think they are the perfect compliment to one another. The words that Matt shared as he stood up and toasted to Marci, were RIGHT ON! Yup, I looked over at Casey and seriously fell in love again (one of the best things about working with my hubby – he he) I could rave about these two all day, just as I can look at their photos over and over and constantly be entertained. They were just so FUN! Fun, energetic, free, and inspired = great photos and never a dull moment!
Ok, Ok, on to the details of the day! Now first, I have to mention the most wonderful Caroline Chang of Serenity Events who produced the extraordinary event. She is so kind, organized and fun! She did an amazing job with all the details as you’ll see below. I’d recommend her to any bride who wants a seamless and gorgeous wedding. Their ceremony was at St. Cyprian Catholic Church in Long Beach, CA, and thier reception was held at Lakewood Country Club. Music was provided by Atmosphere Entertainment. They are seriously so nice! The lighting that they designed, perfectly complimented the theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. All the bridesmaids were dressed as Audrey Hepburn (too cool!) and the cake and favors were shaped like a jewelry box from Tiffany & Co. Everything was perfect! The beautiful flowers were done by the amazingly talented Dawn of Lavender Hill. Simple and elegant! Robert of HD Invision did the videography and was a pleasure to work with! What a creative and talented crew! It was great to work with everyone!!!

Matt & Marci – I can’t thank you enough for having Casey and I as part of your wedding day! We seriously had so much fun and are very excited to know you both! You are an inspiration to us all! Enjoy your honeymoon in Riviera Maya & we can’t wait to see you when you get home! Love, A

How gorgeous is Marci??? SEE! I told you she was amazing!
See all the Audrey’s lined up in a row getting ready to walk down the aisle…
Walking down the aisle with Dad, the last walk as a single girl!
A classicly elegant bride, escorted by her Father – I love the way Marci’s Dad is looking over at her as they walk down the aisle…wonder what a Father thinks at this moment?
Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Gerlach!
I love this one below ; ) Love the movement – Very MOD!
The bridal party (love how the color in the photo below is a little on the blue / muted side….just as the film was shot in the original movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Kung Foo anyone?
Um, yeah….Better hold on there Matt!
A couple of my faves of the happy couple! There are SO many faves!!!!
Couldn’t decide which was more gorgeous, so I had to post both…
And into the extraordinarily elegant party for a first dance as husband and wife..
See, aren’t they just amazing!
Here’s a little glimpse at the amazing details…
Marci had these great couches brought in, so why not use them for a portrait of Marci, for Matt? : )
The very emotional Father-Daughter / Mother-Son dances I was telling you about…
The perfect bouquet toss!
And finally…I love the way Matt is warming up to retrieve the garter!

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2 Responses to Matt & Marci Rock Da’ House!

  1. Kimmie says:

    What can I say. You captured such wonderful and remarkable photos. And the ones of Marci. GEORGOUS! I love the little things you had Matt and Marci do. It made the pictutres turn out great. You brought out the best in all of us for what made amazing pictures for Maqtt and Marci too look back on what was one of their most precious time. Thank you!
    Kimmie (Bridesmaid)

  2. April says:

    First off OMG! Words really cannot describe the emotions that came over me viewing just this small sampling of photos. These pictures are absolutly amazing. You have dont such a wonderful job capturing Matt and Marci’s personalities. I can just imagine their reactions when they see these great shots. I cannot wait to see the rest of them and the ALBUM!
    April (Bridesmaid)

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