Vanessa & Eric Do It Up Long Beach Style!

So, I recently spent one very FUN afternoon with Vanessa and Eric who are getting married later this year. We figured it was high time for some fun engagement photos, and this day did NOT disappoint! Vanessa was a little nervous to have her photo taken, but can you tell? NO! Me neither! She is gorgeous – amazing in front of the camera and Eric, well, he just ROCKS!!! They are a riot! We started at their awesome house in LB, and shot around their neighborhood – very old & big homes with a lot of character! After staking our claim on the local real estate, we headed North to the place where they first met – the Pike on 4th and Cherry (for those of you in the know, it’s da’ bomb!) The Pike made an amazing backdrop for some fun and kitchy photos and the colors inside – PERFECT for photoging! After a cocktail-y we took a jaunt down 4th and got into some trouble in a local alleyway (inside joke, and no, I’ll never tell you what happened) and I think the results are just top notch! The vibe of the day was urban & CRAZY cool! I sincerely thank Vanessa and Eric for making the day so much fun! Can’t wait till the wedding!!! Enjoy the slice and I’ll see you both soon! L, A

I love the moment just as they are going to join hands above. I like that shot ; )

I like this one above…something a little different ; )

On to the Pike – love the colors!!!

Isn’t this one above cute in front of the jukebox. I like that they have a jukebox…so many places have those lame music things on the wall. Not that I get out that much, but I like the old skool bar stuff! ; )

Of course, some feet.

I love this one above…love watching Men watch Women put on makeup. I think I have about 1000 shots of my Mom putting on her lipstick. Never gets old!

Here it is Vanessa! The “artsy” shot of your lipstick on the rim of the glass…ha ha

This bike was the shot (don’t know why…) just something about it. There is a sign about not touching the bike right on that pole…pretty funny stuff, just as we said, “let’s take the bike for a spin” (no, we wouldn’t really have done it..; ) but then we saw the sign. The sign firmly stated that if we took the bike, we’d be SORRY!

I love the colors in the next few…

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