Ben & Christine Are Married

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being part of Ben & Christine’s wedding day. What an awesome couple they are! Totally in love! I loved their wedding day because not only are they an amazing pair, but their family is RAD! Never before have I seen SO many people totally into photography and interested in shooting every moment of the day! Christine’s Grandpa was a photographer and everyone in the family was telling me really cool stories about Grandpa. You could tell that everyone loved and missed him dearly, and they were honoring him by taking photos like he would. What a cool family! So, it was especially nice for me to be among fellow photo-enthusiasts…Love talking shop ; ) Ben and Christine were so calm and relaxed on their wedding day. They knew what they wanted, and I think that their entire day was just magical! They were married at the exclusive Center Club in Costa Mesa & it was a beautiful backdrop for some really fun photos! The details were elegant and the day was beautiful! Ben & Christine, thank you for having Casey and I as a part of your VERY special day! We wish you all the happiness in the world together!!! Enjoy a glimpse at a few of my personal favorites from the day & we’ll see you soon! : ) A

Love these shots of the girls getting ready…especially the one of Christine’s Dad putting her necklace on. How sweet!

Dad getting ready to walk his daughter down the aisle..See how excited they are!

Boys being silly ; )

LOVE this one above! Just a lady out front waiting for the show at the Performing Arts Center…looking at the happy couple – priceless!

The GORGEOUS Bride!!!

A very well choreographed 1st dance..

Perfect bouquet toss!

Followed by the perfect garter toss! Precision is everything!!!

Just a shot of the table – evidence of a fun time had by all!

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