Jen & Bobby ROCK Old Town Orange

Last week I got to spend time with Jen & Bobby! They’ll need no intro about who they are….as you can see from the pics below, they have PLENTY of personality! They were cracking me up all afternoon! And they thought they’d be shy in front of the camera….right! Old Town Orange is such a great place to find fun color and texture! The vibe is retro and the town is hoppin! Made for a FUN time had by all! Jen and Bobby ROCK! They are really in love, super cute together, fun to be around, really smart and they know their beer! Yup, this former bartender learned a few things on this engagement session! We toured around the town finding fun places to shoot and then headed over to Chapman University to see what was up…good thing we did, because they had this great hill to roll down (see below : ) Jen & Bobby, thanks for making our day a BLAST! I really dig you two and can’t wait until the wedding! Excited to share a few of my faves, but there’s many more coming soon! Enjoy ; ) A

See what I mean? These two have the best personality! LOTS of fun!

Love this one above – great light and such a sweet moment!

Love this one above too! Who’s that in the window? ; )

I love that they are still together despite their “team” differences…

Isn’t Jen pretty?! This one above is very sweet!

Told ya! If there’s a hill nearby…we’re rollin’ down it! YES! I told you they ROCK!

The day was filled with great light – an awesome shot from the end of the day : )

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