Wait, Do I Hear Sirens? Must Be Todd & Stacy’s Wedding Day!

On the most gorgeous day of the year (so far) and also the hottest day of the year, their friends and family gathered to honor the commitment of two of my favorite people – Stacy & Todd. From the moment I met these two, I was instantly smitten with them! : ) I know, sounds weird, but I really do dig these two! In fact we’ve become pretty close thru their entire wedding planning process and Casey and I are really glad to have them in our lives! They are really cool people! Their wedding day was AMAZING! They were married at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, and every detail was just beautiful! Classical Guitar and funky jamz provided by the super cool and very talented Pete Goslow – always a pleasure to work with Pete! The gorgeous flowers were by In Bloom on Balboa Island. Summer did an amazing job! I love the beautiful bouquets! Anything with peonies ROCKS in my book!

Stacy looked GORGEOUS!!! Todd…well, he’s not too bad himself ; ) I could go on and on about them – but I know you’re as excited as I am to see the pics so without further chatter – here’s a little preview of some of my faves. Stacy & Todd – we love you! Hope your honeymoon in Costa Rica was AWESOME – just like you! Love, A

So….it was a hot day, and during the ceremony Kelly, Stacy’s Sis-In_Law, felt a little light headed ; )….so the fire department came to make sure she was ok. This made for some fun photos! Since she was ok, we decided to have a little fun with the firemen. They played along nicely! Thanks NBFD!!!

Here’s Kelly getting a clean bill o’ health!

We even got to climb on the truck! FUN!!!

Gondola around the harbour anyone? Um, yes, boat for three please ; )

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