Kirsten’s Belly “Fashion” Shoot ; )

So one of my dearest friends, Kirsten, is ready to have baby #2. As a matter of fact, we thought maybe he’d be making his debut in the middle of our little photo shoot yesterday. She was on the phone with her doctor, and we said that we’d have to finish the shoot before she went in…ha ha. No, really, she’s that close. I just LOVE Kirsten! A girl after my own heart – she loves costumes and playing dress up. Her wardrobe extends from rolling rack to closet to garage….mostly AMAZING vintage frocks and girly duds. What a dream!!! I really love her and feel like we have so much in common – she’s a wonderful friend! It’s just so easy to love KK! Everyone does : ) I remember the first time I saw her at my friend Becky’s wedding – she was dressed in this amazing outfit straight out of the 40s. I was just in LOVE with her! I said to Casey “Who is the fabulous girl? I have to meet her!” So, here’s a little glimpse of her belly fashion shoot – some of my favorites. Enjoy! Can’t wait to meet the little guy Kirsten! Lots of Love, A
By the way, isn’t her house awesome! It really is!!!

I just had to repeat that first image here again – how RAD is that outfit!? I can’t wait to borrow it!

This is Kirsten with Max. Max is awesome! He just woke up from his nap and is spilling cereal all over her….we called this expose “The Real World – This is Motherhood.” : )

Love how Max is laughing at Kirsten above – she’s such a great Mom! She was making him laugh SO loud! And below…Max walks down the hall & the expression says “Geez Mom!” – I know that I’ll surely see that expression on Ben’s face when I dress up and do something crazy! FUN!!!

I love that Max is like “we’re having a WHAT?”

This last one is just silly, but I liked it. Mikey was a great sport : )

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