Catherine & Rich’s ROCKIN’ Wedding Day

This post is especially exciting to write because it’s about one of my most loyal MOD BLOG readers EVER…Catherine! From the day I met Catherine, who is a very dear friend of my “little sister” Toni, she has commented and emailed…questioned and researched every detail of my blog, in anticipation for her own big day. She is always up to date on what is going on in the Amanda Bevington Modern Photography world, and always interested in who got what, where, etc. I love her. Such a cool girl! The wedding day was exactly as she imagined it! She was an absolute princess! Seriously, Cinderella all the way! Now, before I go any further, I have to mention Rich, because he is one cool cat. In addition to his MAD dance skillz, & his stellar good looks, he is just head over heels in love with Catherine – and that makes me happy. She deserves someone like Rich to journey thru this world with – together they make an amazing couple! Catherine gives so much of herself to everyone she knows, that it’s wonderful to see her find a partner who is her true soul-mate. I wish them all the joy that life can hold! Their family and friends were amazing – just so kind and fun! I love it when I really feel like part of the family, and on this day, we did! Thanks to Cat & Rich for allowing Casey and I into your world, and for giving us the honor of documenting your beautiful day. There are so many amazing images, but I had to pick out a “few” of my personal favorites to share. Hope you enjoy the preview!!! Lots of Love, A

Love this image in the mirror with Catherine’s sweet Mama in the background looking on with pride! She said something along the lines of “when your daughter is born, you picture them on their wedding day” which I thought was really sweet. Cat and her Mom have a very special bond. You could tell they had both dreamed of this day for a very long time : )

OK, I LOVE this image above and have already put it on the website! It’s incredible to me! Such a beauty and in front of the family wall – just stunning. Such a cool vibe in this image! I hope you agree ; )

Oh, the flowers!!!! They were GORGEOUS! And EVERYWHERE! The incredibly talented Cyndi of Devynn’s Garden designed the flowers and as always they were phenominal! Cyndi is such a wonderful person – a beautiful friend to me, an expert at her craft, and always someone who people RAVE about! Such a gift that girl has!!!

Catherine looking radiant!

I just love this image above of Cat’s Mom’s purse. I love purses….this one is one of my faves, so I had to feature it. I want to borrow it….think she’ll let me?

These boys were FIRED UP! Man, you couldn’t keep their feet on the floor! They were AWESOME! Such fun!!

I like this one above of Cat waiting to go down the aisle…all the girls are lined up, and she’s like “alright already….when’s it MY turn?!”

I love the moment when Dad flips the blusher back – it’s such a passage, as “Daddy’s little girl” you totally “get” this image. Very special : )

Look how happy they are!!!! We’re MARRIED! And this one below, was Rich just taking the wheel – what a cool dip!

I like this one above that Casey got of them walking out of the church – just a cool vibe.

Yes, we had to go get shakes at the burger stand below – such bright colors & just a great punch of energy! There are so many amazing shots from this burger series, but I only posted a couple. There are a few more on the website if you want to see more….Can’t wait to do this album!

I like this image above because it looks like they are the only two in the room, right? Nope, just 20 of their closest friends hanging around getting shakes! Ha! Oh, and a few randoms too…the more the merrier : ) Gotta’ love Long Beach!

Just something super classic about this image above – I LOVE IT! After I shot it, one of the guys said “that would look amazing in black & white” and it does! I just love color. It’s really a classic photo!

Above, a beautiful flower detail & below, the girls!
The girls were so sweet! Such a fun group!!! I loved their bridesmaid dresses too – something you actually could wear again ; )

Don’t you love the way that guy is looking at them from the car driving by…this picture is actually one of my favorites – it’s funny, but just a little on the “weird” side.

Above, another one of my favorites – had to go on the website as well! Just a classic image with so much emotion. They had just gotten to steal away for a private drive to the reception, and it’s their first chance to really share some quiet time together…with MOI of course : ) They are passionate about one another. You can just tell!

Do I need to comment on the one above? Totally AMAZING! This little room was perfect for moody pics, and I think we got one ; ) Again, you know how I like to watch people put on lipstick…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read down for previous posts…ha ha

So Cat wanted everything to be PINK – pink flowers, pink shoes, pink room…well, you get the picture. I thought it would be fun to see Cat in pink!

Nope, no conservative first dances here….no way! You’ve all seen the UTube video of the bride and groom who come in and dance all sweet, and then the DJ scratches and they bust out into a crazy montage of songs like “I like big butts” & “Whomp there it is” – right? Yes, THEY DID! Was SOOOO FUNNY! Loved it! Wish I could post the entire sequence of the dance – would take up the entire site, but again, the album is going to ROCK!

A little cake

A little champagne

Yes, get rid of those stems!

Cute one of the kiddies : )

Yes, those boys can really cut a rug!

And finally…do you think Cat had fun on her wedding day? Hmmmm….yes, I think so! Congratulations you two! What a BLAST we had!

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