Adrienne & Ricky Are Married!

First off, I have to thank A&R for their patience with me…I’ve been very sick this week, and am just catching up on all my work (and blogging)….so, thanks for bearing with me, and I’m SUPER excited to finally be able to post their stellar wedding day! Adrienne & Ricky are two awesome people! They have been so much fun from the first time I met with them, thru all of our shoots together!!! I was stoked to be able to photograph their wedding day – many thanks to Josh Ventura of Bill’s Camera for the referral! I really feel like I’ve been part of the planning process with Adrienne & Ricky….they planned this entire wedding on their own, and it was awesome! I was glad to lend perspective whenever they asked for it, but really these two could have a future in wedding planning! They did a great job on every detail! First off, they are an absolutely delightful couple! So in love, and really FUN, and up for whatever I asked them to do…you know I like that! They have the best expressions, and were really into the photos, again, double score! It was an awesome day for all and I just want to thank A&R and their family and friends for making us feel so at home! I must say, we’re very lucky to have such cool clients! We really are! So, without further ado, here’s a little preview of A&R’s wedding day! Enjoy your honeymoon guys & I’ll see you very soon! Love, A

Loved this shot of the grooms flowers on a plate in the fridge! I love weddings at home – so intimate and such cool stuff happens! ; )

Adrienne & Ricky were married at A’s Mom’s best friends’ home & it was the PERFECT location for a wedding! I think they should think about offering it up to others : ) Ha Ha, right Lee?

A’s cute little toes : )

I LOVE (in capitals) this shot above of Ricky & Adrienne’s “hugging Mamas” and Adrienne looking at them in the mirror – so cool!

The Happy Couple! Love the bubbles : )

Fun with rose petals!

A little golf anyone?

So, after the ceremony, and on the way to the reception, we stopped on Balboa Island to shoot around a bit – these two got SO many cute portraits in about 10 minutes, that I had to post a bunch! I just LOVE them!!!

One of my faves above : )

Now, these were taken at the reception location in Newport Coast…I just dug the vibe in this spot – kind of looks like Tuscany….and they had an Italian sort of vibe about the day, so voila! Welcome to Tuscany : )

Beautifully choreographed first dance!

Gotta love that dance with Dad!

Great bouquet toss : )

Followed by an even greater garter toss!

Of course, some crazy photo booth action – A&R – you’re going to love it all!

Just a cool shot at the end of the evening!!! Congratulations you two!!!

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