Owen Day!

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of spending my morning with the Day family at their beautiful home in San Clemente!  You may remember Scott & Amy….we’re doing a “baby’s first year” collection of family portraits for them, and a couple of weeks ago, they….well, Amy rather, gave birth to the gorgeous baby Owen!  Oh my, this woman is seriously a champion!!!  If you knew what she went thru….let me just say, WOW! The family is all home now and doing quite well and baby Owen is just thriving!  He’s an absolute doll and such a wonderful boy!  Made me want another babe ; )  

Mama and Daddy are like old pros, and it was truly a joy to see them all cuddling and spending time as a family…on Father’s Day no less! What a cool thing to do on Father’s Day, right?!  I just loved seeing them interact, and I love watching them as new parents.  The careful thought they put into each move and action, and the genuine love and appreciation they all have for one another.  It’s a very special bond that this family shares, and I feel so lucky to have been invited to document one of their early days at home together.  I had such a hard time picking which images to post (as usual, I love them all!) but I’m sure you’re just going to fall in love with them!  I did!  

Amy, Scott, and Owen, thank you for trusting me with these photos for you.  I just love you all and can’t wait to show you the rest!  Big hugs to all and see you soon! – A

I think Owen was having a happy little baby dream : )

Seriously – he’s ready for his close up! He loves the camera already!!! Good thing too, because he’ll be seeing a lot of me : )

He was a little sleepy – life’s rough as a newborn! Eat. Sleep. Pee on Dad….Eat. Sleep.

I LOVE this one above of Amy and Owen – so beautiful! Can I just point out here how AMAZING Amy looks! Truly an inspiration!

With Daddy – melts your heart, right?!

LOVE this one too of Owen looking up at Amy! Amazing!

I think this one above is one of my absolute favorites – EVER!

So, Amy’s family arrived for a little Father’s Day celebration, and I got to snap a few pics of the proud Grandparents with Owen. Love these of Grandpa and baby together! So special!!!

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2 Responses to Owen Day!

  1. Adele says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful family–great work!

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