Kristi & Ali’s Spark-tacular 4th of July Wedding!

Kristi & Ali are like part of my family now. We’ve spent so much time over the past year and a half together, working on all the photo preparation for their wedding, that I really felt like I was photographing the wedding of life-long friends. First off, they are the kindest couple! They are SUPER in love – seriously – SUPER DUPER in love, and they are just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! I love that they were married on the 4th of July, because every year they’ll have such a celebration remembering their wedding! The wedding was at The Grand Newport Plaza (the staff of The Turnip Rose does such an amazing job there and the food is insanely good!), and it was simply GORGEOUS! Well…just see below for the insane details! It was a joyous occasion surrounded by their amazing friends and family (who are also the coolest folks around), and it was a total honor to be there for them along the way! Oh, and I have to mention their entertainment – totally RAD! Bob from American Mobile Music was there to serenade the guests and I’m telling you…he ROCKS! I couldn’t believe it. He does vocal impressions of about 50 different great entertainers, and I was blown away! He was really fun too so check him out! When I saw the canvass wrapped collage print of all of the photos we’ve taken over the past year, I was really sentimental….I was so glad that I could contribute to the overall celebration. Knowing this couple, it was truly an honor, since I know how they pay exceptional attention to details! I just can’t wait to share photos, so I’m going to leave you with a “brief” glimpse into what was a fairy tale dream wedding come true for Kristi & Ali!
K & A, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love you and will see you after you return from your AMAZING honeymoon in the Caribbean! XO, A & C

I love this first photo. We “re-created” it from a wedding photo from Kristi’s Mom’s wedding day.

I just love this window! Makes for such a beautiful portrait of Kristi!

This is right before Ali turned around to see Kristi for the first time. I love the anticipation : )

The girls were SO fun! Can’t you just tell!!!! I loved them!

Actually the entire bridal party was a blast! We did all the pics prior to the ceremony so that K & A could enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests. I like this because it’s more relaxing for them : )

Here are the girls peeking out thru the window at the guests arriving & below…did I mention the details? They were insanely beautiful! Everything was dripping in crystal. Very elegant!
Below check out some gorgeous flowers done by Brandi at The Finishing Touch. So Pretty!

Now, onto the ceremony! Yipee!

A couple of portraits of the happy couple : )

Ali had written a little message to Kristi on the bottom of her shoes. Too cute!

Below some more details from the day. There are seriously so many amazing pics from this wedding! That’s fun, right?!

This was adorable…they had a “wish tree” set up as guests arrived. Then each guest would write a wish on the cute little cards, and tie them on the tree with a ribbon. Too cool!
Check out those gorgeous tables! All the linens courtesy of Wildflower Linens – stunning! How’s that cake? Dope, right! It’s from Rockwell’s Bakery. Sweet!

Above in the top left corner is Bob…seriously, he ROCKS!

Turnip Rose also does this little dance with the food when it’s served. Watch out….it’s HOT HOT HOT!

They had a strawberry festival outside during the reception. Yummy strawberries are decorated and so we added some rings for a true bride and groom pic!

A lovely first dance!

Perfect bouquet toss!

Us! What a fun group!

LOVED this above! Since it was July 4th, they had to leave thru a tunnel of extra long sparklers! Dangerous and inspiring all in one! Just see this gentleman below who didn’t want the fun to end….that’s him chasing the limo down the road ; ) Looks like fun, right?! I also love how you can see Kristi’s Dad in the background of the sparkler tunnel smiling as K&A leave for the evening. Very sweet!

So, this I have to add, because Kristi just sent me the nicest email tonight. She mentioned some amazing things about the wedding planning process…Kristi, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to share this..I thought it was super sweet of you to say. Kristi is speaking of her Mom, and she says: “My mom was my real wedding planner / coordinator. We had the time of our lives planning this wedding and it was the best bonding experience between a mother and daughter. Together, we made the invitations, wish tree, guest seating display trees, the candy bars, the cocktail hour floral arrangements, the memory table, and my Mom even designed the cake.” I thought that this was just too cool! I am involved with each of my couples throughout the planning process, while we shoot an engagement session, etc. but there are so many RAD details that are such a surprise on the actual wedding day. It’s seriously so cool to hear that Kristi and her Mom were so involved with each step, and that the experience brought them closer together. Sometimes wedding planning is stressful, but you wouldn’t think that of this duo…nope. All ran smoothly and you could really tell that they put their hearts into this special day! I’m always so glad to hear things like that, and I thought I’d share it with you ; ) Gotta love MOM!

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20 Responses to Kristi & Ali’s Spark-tacular 4th of July Wedding!

  1. Adele says:

    Simply lovely, as always.

  2. Soraya Askari says:

    Just beautiful!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Kris and Ali,

    Absolutely a fun and Gorgeous wedding.. The Pictures are amazing.. I hope you have a lifetime of special moments like you did on your Big Day… Love, Lisa Santuccio

  4. kate crane says:

    I love the “gentlemen” alias “party crasher” at the end!!
    Exceptional photographs. We had a blast!!

  5. The pictures are beautiful. I cannot imagine what the book is going to be like. (FABULOUS!) You and Ali both look adorable and the first photo of you and all the bridesmaids is award winning. I love their expressions.


  6. Cindy Buckle says:

    Kris & Ali,
    All of your hard work paid off. A truly sectacular wedding and reception. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks for inviting me! Love & kisses to you both. Cindy

  7. Suzanne says:

    The pictures are so beautifully artistic.. Kristina – the photographer captured your warmth and beauty and humor.. Uncle Bob and I love, love, love the pictures

  8. Suzanne says:

    Oh.. I also enjoyed looking through Erin and Edgar and Jen and Bobby’s wedding pictures! I feel like I was there..

    I don’t know them but I hope they’ll be very happy together..

  9. NancyPadilla says:

    Ali and Kris,

    You are a beautiful couple. Everything was beautiful. Absolutely, perfect.

  10. Karen & Brad Upshaw says:

    The pictures are Beautiful- just beautiful! You looked like an angel Kris and Ali so handsome and Happy. Congratulations again!

  11. Heather says:

    We had such an amazing time. You looked so beautiful and you were glowing like a bride should be on her wedding day. We love you. Congrats to you both. Love Nino and Heather Campos

  12. Linda, Randy & Brittany says:

    You couldn’t have done better! What a wonderful wedding you had. Every detail was perfect and you actually made it look easy. The best part, however, was seeing the love and happiness in your eyes. You have been glowing since you both met, and it’s obvious that you will feel like that forever since you have both found your soulmates. Much love and happiness always.

  13. Corinne & Jim says:

    Kris & Ali, The pictures are fantastic. We had a wonderful time. It is great to see two people so much in love. Enjoy your honeymoon and have a wonderful life together. Thanks again for letting us share in your wonderful moments of becoming husband and wife.

  14. Carol Marsh says:

    Kris & Ali,

    I’m sorry we weren’t there to see this incredible wedding. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures when Anita puts her memory book of the wedding together.

    All the best to both of you.

  15. Ellen Van Creveld says:

    Dear Kristie,

    Coming home yesterday I found your pictures. I was very pleased that your Mom sent them. It must have been a wonderful day and I wish both of you a great, happy and satisfying life together. I am sure we will get to see more pictures and hear about the day at our next “girls night out”. I love hearing about all my former children and their progress in life.
    Lovie does not have a computer and I will print some of the pictures for her. She is going through a very difficult time right now. Her husband husband is very sick.

    All my best wishes, Love “Teacher” Ellen

  16. John Crane says:

    Kris & Ali,
    That was a spectacular wedding-we had a great time!!!
    You two are a beautiful couple!!
    Thank you for having us!!

  17. Kathie Stats says:

    Dear Kristi and Ali,
    What a gorgeousl wedding day you had, and the photos will be such great reminders! Thanks to Anita for sharing them with me.
    Kristi, you were a beautiful little girl when I first knew you, and you have
    grown into a stunning young woman. I wish the very best for both of you
    in your new life as husband and wife.
    With my love, “Teacher” Kathie Stats

  18. Emilia Huerta says:

    …this was a Spectacular wedding…much love & happiness always…

  19. Beyond gorgeous wedding, I am jealous of how it came out and the beautiful images to remember the special day by

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