Candice & Ian’s MOD Wedding Day!

Candice has been a friend of mine, since we were very young. In fact, her big sis Cynthia was one of my first and best friends when I moved to CA. So, it was very special for me to be able to photograph her wedding day! She and Ian could not be a better pair! They are really in love, compliment one another perfectly and are really fun! They were married at The Island Hotel in Newport Beach, and every detail was just amazing! Candice looked beautiful (as always) and Ian, well, he’s just as handsome as ever! They are really a gorgeous couple! The Island Hotel has this vibe about it….kind of a setting where Slim Aarons (a favorite photographer of mine) would have a blast. Needless to say, the location lent itself perfectly to the Lilly Pulitzer design palette, and the results were a modern blend of sophisticated prep and casual elegance ; ) So, Ralph Lauren ad, that I couldn’t be happier with the way the day turned out! C & I – you were great sports! Thanks for playing along with me!
It was such a phenomenal day and truly blissful for the happy couple. Was really fun for me to get to see my “little sis” get married to the man of her dreams! Cheers you two and I’ll see you when you return from the islands! Lots of love, A
PS: I just have to say, in addition to seeing all of their friends and family (whom I adore! Love you Cyn!) it was really special to see Una, their childhood nanny, who spent many an afternoon carting our silly asses back and forth to the stables for our horseback riding lessons, while we changed in the back seat of “Big Red” Um, think that sounds easy….you try pulling on those riding pants and boots in the back of a Caddie. Priceless! She was here from the UK, and it was really a treat to get to catch up, and hear the true tales of our childhood once again! LOVE IT! See you soon Una – I’m coming to England to visit you! Cyn, you’re coming along! We’ll bring the boys, they have plenty of beer there!

Love this first one…it’s shot on the pages of, what else…a Slim Aarons book ; )

Details….Details…Details. You know I love ’em! Oh, by the way, LOVE that necklace! Great job Ian!

Okay, this one above was shot by Casey as Pat (Candice’s Mom) is tying Ian’s bow tie. I LOVE IT! I think it’s brilliant!

LOVE the pink ties!

One of my favorites above! Another below : ) Love that mirror!

This is what I love about Candice! Need I say more? She’s hilarious! (and gorgeous!)

Daddy walking his daughter down the aisle…so fun! Doesn’t Bob look handsome?!

They’re married!!!

A few formal shots!

Beautiful shot of Candice and her Mama!

This one above is one of my faves as well!


This shower is by the pool…just kind of a weird place to take a pic, but the light was interesting, and the girls played along! Thanks girls ; )

I like this one of Ian’s room key and wedding ring. Cool right?

Love that sweet moment as Cynthia gives a speech, with her parents looking on in the distance. They are so proud of their amazing girls! (as am I!)

Last, but certainly not least…US! Was a blast Candice & Ian! Thanks for having Casey and I as part of your wedding day! We love you and wish you many amazing years together!!! Cheers, A & C

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6 Responses to Candice & Ian’s MOD Wedding Day!

  1. Pat Chick(Cynthia Chick's Mother) says:

    Amanda, you captured Candice and Ian’s wedding perfectly! What spectacular photos!
    We are off to the Baltics tomorrow so it was perfect to get the Mod Blog today!
    Be back in August so until then Thanks again for capturing the moments!
    Love, P

  2. Adele says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful people, beautiful you, as always. Love you.

  3. Cynthia says:

    love them all – you’re the best!!! thanks for capturing it all with your artistic eye…love it! hope to see you again soon. ox

  4. judi mellow says:

    Amazing photos, Amanda. So artistic and incredibly beautiful. You truly captured the love and happiness of the day.

  5. Pat Chick(Cynthia Chick's Mother) says:

    What a gift you have in capturing the SPIRIT of the event! Love, Patty

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