Blast From The Past

It’s wedding season in full swing, and this year, I’ve been so lucky to work with some amazing clients and their families and friends! We’ve made some extraordinary memories this year, and it made me a little nostalgic. I take a zillion photos of my family and get around to making an album about 1x/year, however, it’s fun to go back and look at photos from when my babe was really a babe. Today, I found this photo of a trip on the carousel with my son, Ben, when he was about 1 year old, taken by his adoring Daddy, of course ; ) What a handsome little man I have! Each day I marvel at how big he’s gotten, and how brilliant he is! He’s just the love of our lives, and I wanted to go back thru some pics from when he was tiny, just to recall those days, because it was all such a blur….now I understand what everyone means! Good thing we have pictures to remember everything! This one was just too cute not to post. I remember this ride like it was yesterday. It was SO fun! Enjoy the day! Enjoy your family! Kiss your babies!!!! – A

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One Response to Blast From The Past

  1. jessica stewart says:

    not only is ben adorable in this picture, but your face is priceless. nothing like the absolute love and devotion from mother to son…’re a great momma!

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