Ashley & Andrew’s BIG WILD Half-Greek Wedding

Ashley and Andrew are two of my favorite people – first off, Ashley loves Home Goods (I think) as much as I do, so we’ve become fast friends ; ) I had the great pleasure of photographing their SUPER fun wedding recently, and the title of this post is kind of silly, I know, but I had to incorporate the Greek heritage into it somehow…I know, I’m weird. Nuff said!
Ash and Andrew were married at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Long Beach, and it’s really amazing inside! So fun to shoot there! Then they had their reception at The Nixon Library…a favorite location of mine. Always fun to see everyone over there!
I’m really glad that I was able to share this special day with this really cool couple – it’s kind of just by chance that we connected. They were referred by Stacie and Denos, who are getting married later this year (thanks guys – it was awesome to see you & I can’t wait till the big day!!!) and at first I wasn’t able to be a part of the day, but as fate would have it, I was after all! I love it when things just work out, don’t you?! So, Ashley is GORGEOUS right?! Yes, she is!!! Andrew is just the best man for her – he simply adores her and he is so loving and FUN! These two are really perfect for one another and they made my part of the day just a breeze! I just loved their friends and family because they were all super nice and made us feel right at home! I love Greek music, Greek dancing, and anything Greek! Andrew is Greek, Ashley is German (hence the 1/2 Greek wedding) but let me tell you, how ever you slice it, it was a bomb ass wedding for sure! Many thanks to Ash and Andrew for having Casey and I as a part of your wedding day – we really had a BLAST! Have fun in Greece and we’ll see you next month! Bon Voyage! Love, A & C
PS: I have to mention my new friend Bebe Booth, who did the girls’ makeup – incredible!!! She’s so sweet and really talented, so check her out!

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