Cheryl & Matt’s Amazing Wedding Day!

Cheryl and Matt are just amazing! I have to begin by saying that I love it when a wedding day goes as Cheryl and Matt’s did – they are just the coolest couple, and really enjoyed EVERY second of the day, surrounded by the warmest and most loving friends and family! They are truly in love, and have that way of looking at one another, where you know they are really connecting….every time they share a glance, you almost feel like you’re intruding on a very private moment…do you know what I mean? It’s that look…the one where if you see it, it says “I’m madly in love with you” but the person didn’t say a word….know it? Then you’re lucky!

They are also two of the most centered, talented, passionate, relaxed, humble, kind, fun, and gorgeous people that I know. Ever since we met, I’ve felt really in sync with these two, and on the wedding day they just trusted me completely, relaxed, had fun, humored me by doing whatever I dreamed up, and really, I think they have some amazing pics to show for it! LOVE THEM!

I could go on and on about these two. I really feel lucky to know them, and had a crazy fun time photographing their wedding day! It was an honor to be able to do this for Cheryl and Matt! I’m not going to babble too much….even though there are a million mushy things I could say…I’ll save it for later ; ) but I’ll just post a zillion pics so you can see how awesome their wedding day turned out! Congratulations to Cheryl and Matt!!! I wish you all the joy and love in the universe!!! Love, A

Above is Cinderella or “Cindy” as they like to call her ; ) Sweet little lop eared bunny was really ready for her close up! I love that they have a bunny!!!

I know, I know, but dumpsters can be pretty too…

Don’t you LOVE the pop of colors in the bouquets???!!! They were really pretty and I love the way that the orange and blue look in the photos!

A few details from the church property…

I just loved these two shots as they are getting ready to walk down the aisle. I love the way she and her Dad were looking at one another so I had to share both! Very special indeed!

THEY’RE MARRIED! Congratulations you two!

They were married at The Community Congregational Church in Corona del Mar, and it’s so fun to shoot there! Like a church in a small town somewhere, it’s very charming and photographs really well! I like that ; )

I love the way they looked at one another while they were dancing their first dance! Like the rest of the world just melted away ; ) I also love that I got to work with Julie of American Mobile Music. She and her husband Bob are just amazing! I got to work with Bob last month, and really, they are two of the coolest people you’ll ever work with! Check them out!

This is one of my favorite shots from the day….the way he’s holding her around the waist as they dance. Very sweet and the color is cool too.

Now this shot above is very special because Cheryl & Matt asked the phenomenal jazz singer Sara Gazarek and her accompanist Josh Nelson, to sing for their first dance and do an hour long set at the wedding. Sara is amazing!!!! I’ll put more info for her on the blog when she sends it over. She’s really stellar! Was fun to hear her sing!

A couple of portraits at Five Crowns. Cheryl likes a kind of romantic vibe and I think we got it ; )

Cheryl and Matt had their reception at Five Crowns in Corona del Mar. I love Five Crowns! Their food is amazing (as if I even had to say that…) and Margo and the entire staff take impeccable care of everything for their guests. Really the perfect little garden setting for a lovely reception!

I love the shot above….looks like a table well worn and evident of a good time!

Daddy-O blowing a few bubbles!

The happy couple left thru a walkway of LOTS of bubbles! Really makes for a cute pic, right?!

Off to the beach we go! We decided to wait until the end of the day to do all the fun bridal party pics at the beach. Since they had an early wedding, it was perfect timing! Plus everyone was more relaxed and ready to have more fun before their “after party.”

I like this one above too! Really, I don’t think these two can take a bad picture! They are very photogenic and classically beautiful so it was really fun to photograph them!

The gorgeous bride!

And the handsome groom!

There were like a zillion people at the beach, but we managed to work around them : ) I do like a sprinkling of people in photos, especially if they are wearing bright bathing suits and are out of focus, because it adds that element of “reality” so a few photos include people.

Of course some feet! ; )

I just loved these beach pics so much that I had to post a bunch! They were just SO FUN!

Love the colors in the last two!

Congratulations Cheryl and Matt! Lots of love, A

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8 Responses to Cheryl & Matt’s Amazing Wedding Day!

  1. Cheryl Chambers says:

    Congratulations to Cheryl and Matt for the beautiful wedding and to Amanda for capturing the essence of it. The love, warmth, and beauty of this loving couple truly shine through!

  2. Lisa Fraser says:

    Fabulous fotos of a wonderful wedding. Congratulations, Cheryl and Matt. You were both beautiful and we enjoyed your day almost as much as you did!

  3. Martha Lopez says:

    What beautiful photos! The bride and groom look so happy. Love the bride’s gorgous dress, the blue of the bridesmades, the lovely flowers, the church and the photos at the beach. It looks like you had a wonderful day, one that you and your family and friends will treasure for years to come. Congratulations to you both!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Absolutely amazing! I am so happy to be getting such a wonderful sister!

  5. Mike Oden says:

    Great photos of a great event. Congratulations to Matt and Cheryl and their friends and family who made this a shining day! Well done!

  6. Sara Karg says:

    Your photographer was amazing…wish we’d known about her….ours sucked 🙂 Congratulations you guys!

  7. Gary & Joyce Copeland says:

    Hi Cheryl and Matt,

    We really enjoyed the photos of your day. We wish you the best and brightest of futures together.

    Gary & Joyce Copeland (your dad’s neighbors)

  8. Cheri Cooper says:

    Their love pops off the page. Makes you want to get married doesn’t it? Truly amazing pictures. BEAUTIFUL Congratulations!

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