Stephanie & Ryan At Home

Last week I got to spend some time with Stephanie and Ryan at their new home, that they just bought together. They are a really cool couple!! They just got this new place and wanted some photos of them around their new space, so that they have some memories of this VERY big step! Congratulations you two – the place is just adorable and I know you’ll be very happy there! We had a fun time getting to know one another and I think that by the end of the shoot Ryan was really sad to see me go… the beginning he was a little apprehensive, as most guys are, but really, I think he warmed up to the idea quickly and was a natural in front of the camera! Stephanie is just such a joyful, fun, & spirited girl – I don’t think that anyone could have a bad time taking pictures with her! Together they are really a very kind & connected couple and quite attractive if I do say so myself…put these two in polo shirts, and you’ve got a little Ralph Lauren thing goin’ on! So without a whole lotta’ chatta’ I’ll get on to the good stuff ; ) Thank you for having me into your home Steph and Ryan! Enjoy the slice – there’s more to come very soon! – A

Every lovely morning begins with a cup o’ joe in the kitchen…right?

I forgot to mention Renny…how could I forget Renny???!!! Renny is their Min-Pin and he’s one wild dude! I love him! We took him for a little stroll and he was just SO excited about having his photo taken! Love this one of them smooching behind Renny!

A little leaf fight ; )

Renny is their baby boy, the first born, and as a doggie Mama myself, I understand how needy the first born can be. They need LOTS of kisses and cuddles…right Chico? Love Renny’s smile in the one above!

Cool light in the forest!

Stephanie has the best expressions! She’s gorgeous too, can’t take a bad photo, and I love the ones where Ryan is making her laugh out loud! Awesome!

So, Ryan plays chess, and we thought it would be a perfect time for a little match. They were doing really well….I don’t know if anything was actually happening on the chess board, but they were having fun!

I love how Ryan is looking at her…they’re really very in love! ; )

Every great photo shoot deserves a pillow fight!

And some sweet shots in bed! : )

Then we took another stroll, sans Renny, for some more pics around town. Don’t you love Stephanie’s eyes! They’re very expressive! She’s really gorgeous!

I think this one could be a favorite from the day!

I love this one above too!

This one is one of my faves above. I just like it!

If you’ll please notice Stephanie’s shoes….yes, animal print! I saw them, and knew we’d get along famously! They were awesome!

Love this last one too! Their street sign in the background….I just like it! What a fun shoot! Thanks again Stephanie & Ryan for hanging out with me! What a fun morning!

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