Stacie & Denos At LBMOA

Recently Stacie & Denos were married at the Long Beach Museum of Art. It was an awesome wedding, enjoyed by everyone in attendance, but especially by Stacie & Denos. These two are really amazing! They are super cool and have the best families! Their children are just SUPER fantastic and all the love floating around the museum that day made for a stellar wedding! Stacie is starting her wedding planning business and I can’t wait to see her just ROCK it! She did a beautiful job with every detail of her own day, so I’m sure she’s going to take the wedding world by storm ; ) I have to say, doesn’t Denos remind you of “Big” on Sex And The City?!!! He does! He looks at Stacie just like Big looked at Carrie, and you know it’s the real thing baby! Love these two!!! So, I know that Stacie is just so excited to see a preview so I won’t delay by writing too much…even though there’s so much I could say about this AMAZING FANTASTIC LOVING SUPER COOL COUPLE, but I’ll just post some pics so that they can get a little preview of the magic ; ) Here’s to a beautiful life together you two!!! xo, A

The bridal room is really pretty at LBMOA! I love shooting there!!!

Stacie looked so beautiful!!!

I love this shot of her above!

A sweet pic of Stacie and her son Austin. Love the reflection : )

The handsome groom! ; )

I like the light in the photo above. It looks pretty cool, right?

There’s that look – he just loves her so much!

Some beautiful ceremony light!!

A perfect first kiss!!!

They were SO happy!

Love the first dance shot with Austin in the background with his own groove goin’ on! Austin…thanks for getting me out on the dance floor ; ) You’ve really got some moves! Fun ; )

Look at the pure joy on Denos’ face – that’s LOVE!

I love this one above too! It’s just so sweet of them!

I have to mention here my new friend Drew Pierce of The People’s DJ. This group shot was his idea and it turned out really cute : ) He’s super fun to work with too, so check him out!

Finally a cool shot from the location at night ; ) The perfect evening!!!

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