Catherine & Aaron Are Married!!!

Recently, Casey and I had the pleasure of photographing the AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS DUO of Catherine & Aaron! They were married at the beautiful chapel on the campus of Loyola Marymount University (what an insane place – SO cool to shoot there!!) and then they had their ROCKIN’ beach reception at the Chart House in Redondo Beach. Lynn Philpott of Lynn’s Events “A Place For Everything – LA” (310-489-9724), made sure that the beautiful event, which by the way, Catherine and her Mom planned together for almost an entire year, ran smoothly! They did an incredible job on every detail!

Seriously, Catherine & Aaron are AWESOME!!!! When I met them earlier this year, I just knew that we were going to have LOTS of fun! They are the most relaxed, laid back, cool, in love, did I mention gorgeous?, fun, and down-to-earth couple EVER! They just cruised thru the day, enjoying every second, having a blast, and it made our part SO fun! Aaron is a professional volleyball player, so needless to say amongst half the guests, who I swear were at least 6 feet tall, I felt a little on the small side. I kind of dug it….being able to sneak around under the radar, and they were just the most amazing group of people! Totally into the photos & their party was totally insane – everyone, I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON, at that wedding (of which there were plenty…) were out on the dance floor. Arms and Legs were flying in every direction and the DJ (KC Campbell of VOX DJs) seriously kept the party crankin’ all night long! Catherine & Aaron’s friends and family were totally cool – just the nicest group of people you’d ever want to meet….and FUNNY! Wow! So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the new Mr. & Mrs. so that you can enjoy the “little” preview! C&A, thank you so much for having us along for the ride – it was an absolute blast! Enjoy the pics ; ) L, A&C

Look how stoked they are to be married! They had so much energy and it was radiant! Love that!

The bridesmaid dresses were awesome – a detail from the back… ; )

The beautiful families!

See…told you! How rad is this chapel???!!!

The handsome groom!

Of course some high fives were in order ; )

The gorgeous ladies!

Girls after my own heart! Did I see a middle finger somewhere in there?

Ok, one of my absolute favorites above! LOVE those shoes! LOVE that Vera Wang dress! SO CHIC!

Behind the chapel you can see LA, and I just loved the pics we did in these plants. There are more where you can see the city C&A, but I’m in love with these plants pics! ; )

They’re SO classically gorgeous!

Ok…seriously? How insanely beautiful is Catherine? She’s so beautiful and she’s the nicest girl you’ll ever meet!

Yeah…that’s Casey for you. Nice.

Some pretty details ; )

We got to snap just a few pics on the beach, & I like the way they are all diffused and back lit. Very pretty!

So this is cool – they had a picnic table at the reception that the guests could carve their names & initials into – such a neat idea! Like a big guest book that you aren’t afraid to spill beer on : )

Amazing light in the tent during speeches…some really funny speeches by the way! Can you tell?

ROCKIN’ Party!

Ok, now how could I not post this series below….note: Guy has not one, but two cocktails in the right hand, while being the “limbo stick”….skillz I tell ya! This was truly talent in full effect! Check her out – even with all my yoga, I don’t know that I’d be able to rock that move…in stilettos too! Yikes! Props to my girl! : )

The beautiful party all lit up at night!

Finally, the view from the reception – just perfect in every way!

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One Response to Catherine & Aaron Are Married!!!

  1. wendy says:

    WOW!! Crazy beautiful couple, and wedding! You rocked those pics Lady.

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