Dog Day Afternoon

During an afternoon at the park with my son, we got to know some of the dogs in the hood.  Don’t you just want to squeeze them!?  I don’t normally photograph animals, unless they are part of another shoot, but I just couldn’t resist!  Amber the basset is a local, and I had my camera today, so I thought I would snap a few shots of her.  That led to a few others who wondered on by…After these sweet faces, I think I’ll have to add pet portraits to my repoirtoire!  How can I resist?  Enjoy a glimpse at our dog day afternoon ; )

So sweet, right? She was mid shake, and I love the motion of Amber’s ears!

How cool is Amber!? She was so funny rolling on the ground! Even upside down she has a smile!

What a sweet smile!

Mattie was singing to her friends ; ) She has a lovely voice!

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One Response to Dog Day Afternoon

  1. wendy says:

    I love them! You do a great job with dogs. I have some beautiful pics of my babies that you took. Good Job!

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