Gorillapod ROCKS!

ATTENTION all you tech savvy people – I have to introduce you to an amazing product that my friend Ken of Joby just sent my way. It’s called the Gorillapod and it’s so insane! For those of you who’ve used it, you know, but for those who don’t, you HAVE to check out their website right away! It’s the most revolutionary little product and I’m just in LOVE with mine! It’s a tripod for your camera (they have many to suit whatever you shoot with) and it’s really bendy and flexy and you can hang it just about anywhere – GREAT for all of you tech geeks who shoot weddings and use lots of “off camera” lighting. There’s a little shoe so you can mount your flashes, hang them anywhere, and light it up YO! Seriously, amazing! Many thanks to Ken for all the stuff – you’re the BEST! Such a cool company, such a cool product, lots of fun to use, and they’ll be a conversation piece for sure! They have a model for video too, so get them all!
Buy the Gorillapod – you will be stoked that you did!
Shoot on fine friends! Peace, A

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One Response to Gorillapod ROCKS!

  1. wendy says:

    where are the pictures you took using your Gorillapod? I miss your pictures.

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