The Lovely Houston Family Is Growing!

What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon – in Spring’s first golden flowers with the gorgeous Houston family. They are a favorite family of mine : ) Breanne is simply an awesome person and her family is just so sweet – I love the way they interact with eachother. They share lots of love….especially for that ever growing belly full o’ baby! I just have to mention here….Breanne looks gorgeous – just all belly and always looking HOT! Ya Jesse ; ) he he
Ok, without a lotta’ chatter, I give you the Houston family! Enjoy the pics my darlings! Can’t wait to meet Olly! xo, A

A lady bug on the belly for good luck ; )

The most perfect yellow flowers in the entire world! Well, at least in HB… ; )

What a GORGEOUS mama!

Doesn’t the one above make your heart melt? Charlie is SO sweet!

I think this last one could be one of my all-time favorites!!! Congratulations Houston Family!!!

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