Lil’ Pancake In The Oven

Trent & Heidi Pancake are two of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet! You may remember them from their engagement session & their wedding? Well, they have a little bun, I mean Pancake, in the oven. Yipee! Can’t wait to meet the little flapjill (get it…flapjack = pancake, but they are having a girl = “flapjill”) Ok, I know, that’s silly ; )
We decided to check out a beautiful park in their very hip town of Culver City to do some belly portraits. They are hilarious – Heidi bought a new tank top, complete with peace sign for the shoot….Trent bought a yellow Mercedes station wagon. It’s dope – trust me. It’ll be converted to bio-diesel soon, so it will be even more dope. I feel so honored to have been able to do these photos for these two – it’s really something to meet a couple, love them, photograph their wedding, AND their pregnancy! What a treat! Can’t wait to meet their little bundle of sugary deliciousness! Heidi & Trent, you ROCK! Can’t wait to see you soon! Love to you both! Enjoy the preview!!! xo, A

Of course we had to get a few pics with Miles, their first baby! Little did we know a “beggin’ strip” (tastes like bacon for dogs) would entice Miles to jump his 125-ish lb. body INTO the baby’s crib….yikes! Just goes to show you the power of BACON! My son, Ben, would do the same thing : )

A very peaceful belly bundle indeed!

LOVE these above!!!

Trent was talking to the baby ; ) SO sweet!
One of my personal faves above! Gotta’ love it! I know you are so excited for your little bundle to arrive, and I couldn’t be happier for you Trent & Heidi!!!! XO, A

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4 Responses to Lil’ Pancake In The Oven

  1. Laura Jaffe-Stender says:

    Let me be the first to tell you that these photos rock! They are beautiful. Thanks for sending the preview! Love you guys…..

  2. Vicki Ulbrich says:

    This is the mother/mother in law. Thank you so much for
    the pictures. You really know how to capture those two.
    The very last one needs to be sent to Hallmark or some magazine.
    I love those kids, and can’t wait for my first grandchild. You are awesome.

  3. kate holt says:

    toooo friggin’ cute! I love mini pancackes….this is going to be a good batch for sure. Much love and happiness to the pc fam xoxo kate of flowerwild

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